Hunting Safaris

The Hunt

The hunting season starts officially on the 1st of February till the end of November. The best hunting time is from May to September.

The most common game available is Kudu, Oryx, Springbuck, Hartmann Zebra, Klipspringer, boboon and leopard. Other species include Steenbok Duiker, Blesbok, Hartebeest, and a number of predators like Cheetah, Lynx and Black-backed jackal occur on our land.

Each safari is specially adapted to provide choice and variety of hunting methods. These include using 4x4-hunting vehicles with approaching and tracking by foot or waiting for game from a blind. We can guarantee satisfaction to all our hunters, whether you're a first timer or an experienced hunter.

You can book your hunt (1 x 1), meaning 1 hunter accompanied by 1 guide to give you the best opportunity or (2 x 1), meaning 2 hunters accompanied by 1 guide. Providing transport for the hunt, we've got fully equipped Land Cruisers to take you to the hunting area. To back up the hunt we've got well-trained trackers and dogs to assist with a possibly wounded animal. After the hunt, a team of skilled skinners will ensure that your trophies are well prepared and taken care of.

Where We Hunt

Namibia Hunting Safari Map


Added to the hunt, our accommodation facilities consist of three luxury en suite rooms, which can accommodate up to 6 hunters simultaneously. You will be treated to an excellent combination of European and traditional African cuisine. Facilities furthermore consist of a BBQ area, and while enjoying a sundowner, clients can watch game coming to drink at a waterhole. Here our guests can relax with a drink and ponder the fruits of a successful day of hunting. We also provide you with modern day communication technology.

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The hunter and the hunted poised in frozen animation. The breath of a whisper acknowledged by an ear-twitch and awakened by a flinch as wingless feathers pursue the hunted from a backdrop of savanna grasslands and thorn bush. Awakened senses and skills tuned to their limit and beyond on an unforgettable bow hunting experience.