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This hunting is the real deal, fair chase and free ranging animals. Maré is an outstanding PH and know this country and the animals well! Maré, Jaco, Irma and Marinda treated us like we were part of their family! I will miss Schalk and Bullet. This was my first time to Africa and I can't tell or say enough about how warm these people are. I had a wonderful time and will be back with my son.
Jeff Allen - Kansas USA
First time in Africa. You and your family are very good people. Love the place. First of many hunts to come. Thank you for an unforgettable experience.
Scott Combs
Great introduction to Africa. 1st time here. Food was great. Had a wonderful time, thanks.
Brandon Boomqarden
First time in Namibia. We hit a home run when we found this hunting company. Great people, food and trophy animals. GREATEST HUNT EVER!
Daryl Harwood
Great hunt! I got my male leopard, just as desired. Jaco worked very hard. Irma and Mare were also great. This is my fourth African safari but the first one in Namibia with ATS and it did not disappoint! We all had a great time. God bless.
Trey Bloodworth
Fourth time hunting with ATS. Great food, hunting skills, game quality, land and service. Eighth time in Africa. I will hunt leopard with Mare next year, 2012. The night hunt for hyenas was an experience of a lifetime.
Kevin Strain
Wonderful experience. Great hunt [how could it not be when you get a leopard in the first two and a half hours there.] Very good food and excellent service, but it is always the people that make a great hunt. Hunting and talking to Jaco made the hunt a very memorable one. We may not have solved all the worlds' problems –but we tried.
Alan Profozich
4th trip to Africa. Awesome kudu, klipspringer, gemsbok, steenbok and especially the people. Jaco, Mare and the staff could not have made this trip better
Dan Boqaczyk
We were spoiled as always. You will not find a more beautiful place, with the most friendly and funny people. We recommend this trip to any and every one who wants a hunting getaway with good trustworthy people, but remember it is a hunting safari not a holiday!
Bert and Blair Brundige, USA
You helped me with every shot and got me some great animals. You treated me like I wasn't just a child who wanted to shoot something, but like a friend. This was my first hunt and will definitely be my favorite. I hope to come back and get a bigger klipspringer and springbuck than my Dad.
Tad Brenner Jr., IL USA
Excellent safari. Shooting leopard on the first day. Anton and the dogs are the best. All my animals were incredible trophy quality. Everything is first class. The staff, food and accommodation. Look forward to come back for eland and giraffe. Your entire operation is first class.
Brain Smith, USA
Spectacular in all respects. Mare is excelled as a PH. Work above and beyond the call of duty to fins and recover game. The lodge is very comfortable and pleasant. Cooking was outstanding and the staff were terrific. The ranch is an amazing are: Wide open areas as well as mountains regions and no high fences. Thank you to everyone at African Twilight Safaris.
James Croushorn, USA
The finger that pull the trigger is the last and maybe less important act of the hunt. The good company, the chase, the good people, the exquisite hospitality and the friendly environment are the things that make a record hunting trip
Olivotto Givlio, Italy
A wonderful experience after many safaris all over Africa. You are creating the feeling of Africa that use to be. Thanks to let me discover this land of leopards. See you around the world
Senesi Sergio, Italy
What a great time. My sons and my first trip to Africa. Great scenery, too much food. My son, Phil shot a leopard. No words to describe but thanks soo much for a great trip.
Bob Hoisington, USA
First safari of my life. A dream come true. Very good food, special people, great animals, beautiful country , excellent staff. I think I will return before long. Thanks Jaco.
Valerio Pizzorno, Italy
I enjoyed each moment of my first hunting experience in Africa. Good housing and eating, nice climate , without mosquito's. Great hunting and excellent trophies, over all the continues friendly and professional guide of Jaco and his staff. I hope to come back for another dreamy stay.
Giampalo Angelini, Italy
A Wonderful experience. Plentiful game with experienced professionals who really know their business. It is difficult to rate one hunt against another especially when the area is very different. However, I can honestly say that hunting with ATS, stands out as the most memorable and enjoyable experience of my hunting career. If I had to complain, it would be that the food was so good that I probably gained weight.
Wendell Harsany - MD, USA
Learned of ATS through SCI. Wow! AAA +++ rating. The animals were magnificent, the food wonderful & could not begin to described how great our PH is!!! Thank you, see you in 2009
Bruce and Tammy Caison, VA USA

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