A Hunting Safari Itinerary

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To help you plan your hunt better, here is a standard itinerary for a hunting safari with African Twilight Safaris.

Standard Hunting Safari Itinerary:

Day 1:
Arriving in Windhoek at Hosea Kutako airport. We will personally pick you up at the airport and transfer you to Windhoek where you can buy the last few things for your safari if necessary. From Windhoek it will be a 2-hour trip by car to the hunting grounds. We will sight in your rifle and if time allows we can do a sundowner drive for you to get a taste of the area and maybe that big one appear.
Day 2: Hunting starts before first light.
Day 3 - Day 9: Hunt
Day10: Hunt (When we have all the big trophies that we were after we can shoot some gunifowl and rock dassies)
Day11: We will be leaving for the airport via Windhoek where you can buy some presents and curios to take back with you.

This is what to expect if you had booked a 10-day hunting safari. If you did not have enough of Namibia, we can go on a photographic safari.


Your daily hunt will start at about 6:00am with a knock on your door by your professional hunter (PH). Breakfast will be served to get enough energy for the exiting days hunt.

It depends on the area you intend to hunt, if you’re going to take some lunch packs along or if you will be back at the camp for lunch. Then you will leave with your PH, driver and trackers in a Land Cruiser for the hunting grounds in search of that big trophy.

The method of hunting depend on the specie your after. Most of the time we use the spot and stalk method, wher you will drive until you see the one you want. You will get off the vehicle and stalk on foot for a few hours in order to get in shooting range. Sometimes you need to drive to a good area and starts walking from there to find your trophy. Everyday is a surprise and will be handled differently, according to circumstances. This is fair chase hunting on its best.

At lunchtime you will be either in the shade of a tree in Mother Nature or back at the camp. It is a wise idea to rest for a while, while the African sun is on its hottest. In the afternoon you will go out again hunting. The best time to do hunting will be in the early morning and late afternoon. Hopefully you will be rewarded with a price trophy by the end of the day.

In the evening you will be back at the camp where you can take a refreshing shower and get ready for dinner. Dinner will be a three-course meal base on traditional Namibian cuisine with plenty of venison. A barbeque is also a good way of ending the day while you and your PH plan the next days hunt, next to the campfire with a Namibian beer in your hand.

A 15 Day Hunt

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