Photographic Safaris

Namibia is not only a hunting paradise but is also known as the land of contrasts. The hidden jewel of Africa. There are a lot of spectacular places to visit and many untamed adventures that need to be explored. Whether it is the southern part with its vast open spaces and solitude or the northern part with all its waterways and teak woodlands, a very popular tourist destination.

We offer specific tour packages and tailor-made tours that will definitely meet up with your expectations. To have a combination of a hunting safari and a photographic safari is an excellent way to enjoy Namibia. You will be accompanied by you tour guide that will make sure you see all the hot spots of Namibia and share some information about the country. There are so many places to visit and things to do that we recommend for you to give us your attended duration of stay in Namibia an we will help you plan your photographic safari to your taste.

If fishing let your heart beat, Namibia is to place to be. Whether you want to fish for cob or sharks at the coast of triggerfish in the Okawango river on the northern border of Namibia, you can be sure of an experience that will make your friends jealous back home. We have professional people that will provide you with all the equipment and make sure that the big one do not get away.Exploring the desert on a quad bike is a very exciting experience and to feel the desert sand between your toes just make you want to come back for more.

There are also dolphin and whale tours available for the marine live lover. You will have the opportunity to meat some these animals personally in the wide-open Atlantic Ocean on the Namibian Coast.

Etosha (great white place in Herero) is one of the finest game reserves to be found in Southern Africa and is not to be miss. There are 114 species of mammals, 340 bird species, 110 different reptiles and 16 species of amphibians. This is all to be found on a 35 404 sq mile surface that makes up the park. In the evenings you can relax with a cold beverage and look over a waterhole where you could see plenty of wild animals in there natural state and with a little bit of luck you could see most of the big five. A real African experience.

The more people there are in the group, the better, and to share the cost makes it more affordable to experience the heartbeat of Africa.